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Nice grouping of trees for the layout plus a couple of oil storage tanks, some brush type trees and some composite trees, nice quality

Item A, left side, Lionel Sylvester and Tweety Handcar in original display box, orange handcar with Sylvester cat and Tweety bird cartoon characters featured, comes with instruction sheet, does not appear to have been used, 1994 production, LN/Mint

Item B, center, Lionel No. 152 Crossing Gate in late colors, red base with silver road and pedestrian gates, light on road gate, works fine, couple of small marks on base, all metal construction, E.

Item C, right side, Lionel light tower in plastic with black base red tower and black light bank bracket with eight lights in two rows of four with chrome color reflectors, 13 inches tall, no damage and nice, E+/better

Lionel passenger set No.98 that includes the 253 in mohave with matching pair of 610 coaches and 612 observation car, set has been enjoyed, so there is moderate play wear, set is complete and original except for engine re-wiring and original window material in cars removed, engine runs very well, nice set for the layout at a reasonable price, VG

Item A, left side, No. 126 Lionelville station, restored nicely, green base plate, dark mustard walls and chimneys, red windows and doors, white door trim and small windows, red roof, has interior light, brass plate on front of station and over side doors, great for the layout

Item B, right side, No. 127 Lioneltown station, restored nicely in white walls, red roof, white chimneys, mohave base, yellow windows and doors and pea green window trim, door trim and end ventilators, has interior light as made, brass plate over both doors, great for the layout

American Flyer pre-war No. 97 Freight Station Set page 91 of Greenberg's guide to AF wide gauge, tan base, fully lithographed station with operating door and light above door, early version of yard crane with green platform, red cab and black boom, this example was stored carelessly and has a good bit of lithograph loss on rear corner of station on side opposite the crane, from the front the station looks almost E. however the lithograph damage keeps this one in the layout grade, about VG

Left side of page, Northwestern Products 621-K Ol’ Time Hand Car and Trailer, in original box in original cello plastic with instructions, new
$10.00 each

Right side of page, Revell Highway Pioneers, Series Three, H-44 Oldsmobile Delivery Van in original box with original cello parts bag and instructions, new
$10.00 each

Top shelf, left side, Item A- General Models Corporation of Illinois Elec-Traction Powered Street Car, yellow plastic with red plastic roof, metal pick-up wire on roof, primitive push to start electric motor, LN

Top shelf, right side, Item B- Mac powered service car, primitive push start type motor, all metal construction in red and yellow colors, some limited play wear, comes with new old stock original box, VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, Item C- combination tanker truck, cab is Tonka and trailer is British, still a nice little truck with decent finish, VG+/E-

Top shelf, item A- Wyandotte incomplete truck, appears to be a wrecker, pretty lithography, has front grill insert in yellow, blue cab, red rear and yellow wheels, VG

Middle shelf, item B- Wyandotte sand and gravel dump unit for truck, complete including rear door, nice clean item that can be used to improve another similar truck, VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, item C- Wyandotte coal dump truck bin, no rear door, but useful part to improve another truck with spoiled lithography, VG/VG+

Bottom shelf, item D- Stafford Line floor toy caboose in pressed steel with original red paint and silver painted wheels, VG+/E-

A left- Unknown manufacture, nice clean locomotive that needs a set of drive wheels, E.

B right- Unknown manufacture gondola that could be a built-up kit, VG

C- Unknown manufacture, remains of a floor toy locomotive and tender to fix-up, VG

Group of small toys A-top shelf- Pair of jeeps by Thomas Toys, olive drab plastic, one has driver and two passengers, other has just driver, windshield frames missing on both, VG
$10.00 (pair)

B-middle shelf- Group of three plastic military toys without manufacturers markings, half-track truck in soft plastic, utility truck in soft plastic and hard plastic road roller that looks like Pyro plastics, VG

C-bottom shelf, left- Cast metal German type Junkers JU87B bomber, German insignia, 5 inch wing span, olive drab, propeller is missing, VG

D-bottom shelf, right- Unknown manufacturer, cast metal field cannon that appears to be modeled after Civil War vintage type, painted gray, has spring mechanism to fire some small object, essentially new

Top shelf- item A- Chein and Co. boat in tin-lithograph finish, used as pull toy as noted by wheels- this one is named ”Emma” on the stern, green with white and red stripes, nice lithography with minimal marks, E-

Middle shelf- item B- Chein and Co. rowboat in tin lithographed finish, used as a pull toy, has cam on wheels under rower to make man go back and forth. Missing oars that came with this toy, interior shows light oxide coating, exterior is colorful red, yellow and green and is in pretty nice shape. This boat is named ”Peggy”. VG/VG+

Bottom shelf- Pair of colorful tin-lithographed ”pop-pop” boats, red hull, yellow, blue, red, white, black cabin colors, both have been used and one is missing rudder, both in nice operating condition, VG/VG+
$15.00 for the pair

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