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Top shelf, Item A, Lionel late 258 Sheet metal 2-4-2 locomotive in black with stamped number under cab windows, nickel trim, has remote reversing unit plus 1689W tender with whistle unit, aluminum plates blackened journals and latch coupler, locomotive is clean with few marks and is E-/E., tender has a little more play wear and is VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, Item B, Lionel 1664 2-4-2 pre-war locomotive in black with re-painted tender with box coupler, locomotive is very clean and all original and is E/better, tender is restored and does not have whistle unit

Item A, top shelf, American Flyer 4644 box cab locomotive in forest green on black frame with brass journals, has brass tanks and pilot overlays as made, brass flag stand at each corner of frame, all original roof trim (except headlight casting), bell, pantograph and hand rails, number plate and American Flyer Lines plate on each side, windows outlined in gold, nice original paint with minimal marks, motor has been re-wheeled, dual rollers on reproduction pick-up plate (with original patent plate installed), runs well forward and reverse, solid E-

Item B, middle shelf, American Flyer 4006 hopper in red, complete and original with 6 Million and manufacturer's plates each side, number stamped on bottom of car, set trucks with brass journals, gray step units each end, chrome dump mechanism with control wire removed, single brake wheel as made and brass ladder each side, modest play wear marks on shiny painted finish, solid car at great price, VG+

Item C, bottom shelf, American Flyer 4017 sand car (gondola) in usual medium green, gray fixed trucks with brass journals, brass American Flyer plates both ends, both sides, 6 million aluminum plates in center each side (black outside, red inside) brass ladders, gray steps and single brake wheel as made, strong original paint with modest play wear marks, no number anywhere on car, VG+

Top shelf, left side, Item A Parts for what appears to be a derrick or crane, may be Lionel production, looks pretty complete

Top shelf, right side, Item B Lionel orange plastic reel with yellow insulated hook-up wire

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C Tootsietoy 1947 Mack L-Line Fire Pumper with ladder in red, nice original paint, 6 inch length, E-/E.

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D Tootsietoy 1956 Caterpillar Dozer without blade, available with and without blade when sold, very clean with no significant play wear, six inch length, E.

Hubley cast iron passenger train set that included No. 444 locomotive plus PRR tender and three Narcissus coaches, all cars have small casting breaks on end of car, all truck frames are good but some wheel sets are missing, cars have good bit of rust as well, look like restoration candidates, locomotive and tender have original paint and have no casting damage, just play wear, no missing parts, big set for little price, set lined-up is approximately 43 inches long, G/VG

Top shelf- Items A-B- duplicate pictures of foreign toy items listed in that section.

Bottom shelf- Item C- Wyndotte or Marx pressed steel double tiered cart in original blue paint with original wheels, interesting toy that could be used in a number of ways, E-

Bottom shelf- Item D- Unknown manufacturer field artillery piece in lithographed tin in gold and black colors, spring loaded firing mechanism to shoot small projectiles, nice and clean E
Item A, top shelf- Nice wind-up passenger set that includes late style No.1 locomotive in black, sheet metal eight spoke drivers without side rods as made, spring retainer underside of motor plus NYC&HR tender black with silver rubber stamping and two of yellow with black detailing/red roof Chair Cars without number "51" at each side as usually found on most earlier versions of this car, set is CA. 1929/30 and has original key, nice quality E-, four piece set

Item B, bottom shelf- Group of six hard plastic small toys that include: two freight cars by Banner Plastics, barge, trolley, steam shovel and tiny fire truck, all are in nice condition and unbroken

Top shelf, left, Item A- Metal Masters cast metal bus in original blue paint, original tires, overall paint is pretty clean, neat looking vehicle, VG+

Top shelf, right, Item B- Hubley plastic on cast metal base industrial tractor, original tires, overall decent condition, VG

Middle shelf, Item C- Probably Arcade set of metal gates for truck and cast together pair of driver/passenger for truck of same make, chromed over cast metal construction, VG

Bottom shelf, left, Item D- Erector shed used with many Erector sets, red and white lithographed tin, nice clean item and very straight, E.

Bottom shelf, right, Item E- grouping of four cast metal parts for various cast toys, two large wagon wheels, one small and delicate wagon wheel and pulley and bracket assembly from what appears to be a precision toy, all for

Top shelf, Item A- Good looking Hubley fuel oil truck in original red and blue colors, original rubber tires, paint has light marks, overall VG+

Bottom shelf, Item B- Nice looking sheet metal farm wagon accessory, probably Wyandotte but not sure, green paint with very few marks, original wheels, has yoke to connect to tractor, E-

Top shelf- Pair of pressed steel open passenger cars in original red paint and original wood wheels, not sure about manufacturer, but have seen them with small cast iron locomotive and tender in past, approx. 5 inches long, some play wear, VG+
$Pair for 30.00

Bottom shelf- Nice original cast iron locomotive by Harris, nice quality casting with no damage, plenty of original paint remains, approx. 7 inches long, VG+

Top shelf- Plastic missile launcher, complete and unbroken with working mechanism and original missile, good looking item, E-/E

Bottom shelf- Cast iron “Big Bang“ cannon, plenty of original paint and casting is in nice shape, breach is open, so there must be a missing part at rear of barrel, VG

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