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Top shelf, left side, Item A - Military Headquarters in olive drab colors, complete including chimney, very clean with almost no play wear, E.

Top shelf, right side, Item B - Western log cabin from play set, this one is plain with plain interior, complete including chimney, minor play wear, E-/E.

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C- Roy Rogers play set cabin in light brown log lithography with logo above door, very clean with minimal play wear, E.

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D - Roy Rogers play set cabin in dark brown log lithography, logo above door, complete including chimney, very clean, E.

Marx large flat bed tractor trailer truck in red, plastic tractor cab, pressed steel trailer with plastic front bolster, probably had perimeter fences when sold new, still a very impressive and large truck, 27 inches long, VG+

Left side of frame, Item A, Ives 221 passenger station, embossed mohave base, highly detailed lithograph side walls, red embossed shingle design roof and red chimney, lithograph has almost no marks, roof and base show light play wear marks, complete and original and includes the add-on light system found on quite a few of these stations, gold decorative light at each end of station with hook-up at lower bottom at one end, VG+ roof and base, E/better lithograph

Right side of frame, Item B, Ives 331 Target Signal, 1924-29 version with green painted cast iron base, white tubular upright, white 3.5 inches face with red and green lenses and black visors, black painted wood finial, all original with good original paint except some flaking of face plate as frequently seen, signal only, VG/VG+

Top shelf, left side of shelf, Item A, Ferdinand Strauss, very attractive truck cab lithographed in gray, blue and red, No. 74 on cab doors, lots of nice detail with separate bumper, fenders on all wheels and running boards, steerable front wheels, complete motor except spring removed, has nice driver in cab, body mounts in place, lots of interesting options, few tiny oxide spots one side, modest play wear, VG/VG+ , 9.75 inches long and 4.5 inches high

Top shelf, right side of shelf, Item B, Ferdinand Strauss, very attractive truck cab lithographed in red, green, yellow black and gray, No. 71 on cab doors, lots of nice detail with separate bumper, fenders on all wheels and running boards, steerable front wheels, non-motorized, has rough condition driver in cab, one body mount in place, lots of interesting options, modest play wear, VG/VG+, 9.75 inches long and 4.5 inches high

Bottom shelf, Item C, Chein Hercules Motor Express cab in orange, black, white, green and blue on thin sheet metal, separate grill, headlight and bumper section, green fenders at front, non-steerable front wheels, one rear wheel is undersized replacement, interesting incomplete item to make a great project, VG, 7.75 inches long and 4.5 inches high

Lionel 1835E steam locomotive with 384T tender issued in 1934 only, this pair would qualify as museum quality based on pristine paint finish and overall quality of trim. However, the batch of metal alloy used to make the castings for this locomotive was a disaster, as over the years all castings crumbled and essentially turned to dust. This involved the frame, steam chest, boiler front and boiler latch. I have obtained, at significant cost, the best reproduction castings I could find to replace what was left of the originals. All castings were primed and painted carefully to match the original. Every piece of the locomotive other than the castings is original, as is the entire 384T tender. The finishes on the original parts is exceptional in every way. The engine runs fine and looks spectacular as does the tender. Condition of original parts and tender is E++

Top shelf, left side, Item A, green plastic with wood wheels road roller toy, unknown manufacturer, overall clean item, approximately 6 inches long, E-

Top shelf, right side, Item B, Manoil cast metal truck in red, removable side panels are missing, not a particularly common item, clean E-/E.

Bottom shelf, Item C, cast metal wrecker and auto in silver painted finish, original white rubber tires, original paint with modest play wear, car is Hubley, wrecker is probably Barclay, nice early pair, E-

Top shelf, left side, Item A, U.S. Metal Toy Manufacturing California Trail covered wagon, all tin-lithographed except for plastic wagon wheels, overall clean, plastic horse team not included, overall clean E-

Top shelf, right side, Item B, Wyandotte small fire truck trailer, pressed steel with lithographed tin top, rubber wheels, decal on one side good other side rough, 5.5 inches long, VG/VG+

Bottom shelf, Item C, pair of Midgetoy vehicles, staff car and ambulance, metal castings are good and both have original rubber tires, olive drab paint finish is badly worn so probably good items to re-paint
both for $6.00

Grouping of layout quality post-war American Flyer train accessories: Item A, top shelf, left side, No. 768 Shell Oil Supply Depot, decent original accessory with only modest play wear, one filler pipe to be replaced, VG+

Item B, top shelf, right side of page, No. 585 Tool Shed accessory, gray base, white walls with red trim, red painted black Bakelite roof, has substantial play wear and some oxide spots on one end wall, G.

Item C, bottom shelf, No. 612 Freight passenger Station with Crane, gray base, white with red trimmed walls, green roof, yellow with green boom crane to side, decent but some roughness on edges of base, VG

KamKaps toy cash register with original box, this toy has probably seen very little use, kiddie coins are still in plastic envelope, all metal construction and works as good as new, E+/LN

Item A, top shelf, American Flyer No. 750 metallic blue bridge, yellow shed and reproduction red roof without smoke stack, minimal marks on sides, light wear marks on base plate, manufacturers decal at one end of base plate, E-

Item B, bottom shelf, left side, American Flyer No. 768 Oil Supply Depot, twin silver Shell tank car bodies, completely original including shed roof and rubber hose, very clean with just light marks on the base plate, VG+/E-

Item C, bottom shelf, right side, Minicraft Hot Dog and Hamburger stand in white with all red lettered signs and menu on exterior, original man with white shirt, cash register and oversized soda barrel, interior wall has Phillip Morris ad, cute item for the layout, nothing appears to be missing, VG+/E-

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