American Toys

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Lionel pre-war O-gauge steam freight set that includes a 259E locomotive in black with nickel trim, complete and original except for replacement pilot and trailer truck wheels and runs well, 261 sheet metal tender in matching black with brass plates, nickel trim and nickel journals, freight consist includes: 831 lumber car in green with nickel stakes and journals, original lumber load block, 804 tank car in silver with brass plates and trim and nickel journals and 807 caboose in red with peacock roof with brass plates and nickel journals, rolling stock is all original and complete, modest play wear on all pieces of set, overall VG+/better

Top two shelves, Item A, Non-Pareil type lithographed tin large floor toy gondolas, Pennsylvania Railroad with Keystone heralds in gray with black details, lettering and numbers, 11 inches long, clean but no wheels or axles, have four

Bottom shelf, left side, Item B, deep red painted steel floor toy gondola with gold painted P.R.R. letters, no wheels or axles, very nice condition, 11 inches long, E.

Bottom shelf, right side, Item C, deep red painted steel floor toy coach, has quite a bit of play wear, one wheel set is missing, 8.5 inches long, G+

Structo toys that appeared in pre-war American Flyer catalogs. Top shelf, Item A, Structo steam shovel tin toy from the mid 1920πs, complete except missing piece of lift chain, original colors are there but are faded, VG

Bottom shelf, Item B, Structo pressed steel tractor from the mid 1920πs original paint with more vivid colors, missing tracks and motor spring has broken, driver is original but may not be correct for this toy, good for the shelf or use to repair other tractors, VG

Scientific toy by Federal Stamping and Engineering Corp.- Micro Science Scope, I am not clear as to what this instrument does, but there is a large 100 watt Incandescent bulb inside this vented metal cylinder with what appears to be a small adjustable lens at the bottom, accessory kit includes a pair of metal tweezers and a couple of small square glass plates, has original old style male plug at top that attests to the age of this item, very clean and probably not used