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Very interesting old-time cartoon character toy, admittedly you have to be pretty old to Have read this comic that featured the character named Humphrey, this wind-up tin lithographed toy is the Humphrey Mobile, three-wheeler with shack where he could eat and sleep, rear door opens, so you could store items inside, built-in wind-up key behind rear wheel, toy does run, very modest play wear, may use a little more cleaning, VG+/E-

Left side of frame, Item A, Lionel No. 92 tall twin light tower complete and original, red base, tower is light gray and original with modest play wear, re-wired and interior of light housings re-built overall VG+/better

Right side of frame, Item B, Lionel No. 92 tall twin light tower complete and original except red base has been re-painted, tower is silver and original with modest play wear, overall VG+, impressive

Set no. 30720 in original shopworn set box that includes a 31004 Pennsylvania 0-6-0 switch locomotive with slope tender and smoke unit, 33818 Great Northern operating box car, 33215 Peabody coal hopper, 33537 track cleaning car, 33558 Illinois Central multi- purpose car with bulkheads and cannisters and 33820 American Flyer Tie Car, set includes track and transformer, ties, crates and trip for action cars, one cannister missing for track cleaner also maybe a few items for the multi-purpose car, interesting set with lots of play value for an HO set, E/better

Top shelf, left side, Item A, 2209 Single Arm Lamp Post (1928-35), finished in blue-green, round base, tapered square post, attractive arm and nice large shade, original finial in gold finish, includes bulb, VG+/better (have 2)
$20.00 ea.

Top shelf, right side, Item B, 2011 b. Single Arm semaphore with orange base and mast, red and black flag with three lenses, manual operation, gold painted finial, 1928-34, nice quality, E-/E

Middle shelf, Item C, No. 2009 Arc Light, round cast iron base, tubular pole and cast gingerbread top with large shade, complete in dark medium green, paint is all original with some wear on post and shade VG+ (have 3)

Bottom shelf, Item D, 2222 b. Crossing Gate, later version from 1936-39, green painted rectangular base, green lift housing with unpainted crank, main and pedestrian gates are black and white cross-hatch design, light on crossing gate and original wiring, manufacturer's decal on base, modest play wear, VG+

Item A, left side of page, Lionel No. 132 Illuminated Train Station with automatic train control, post-war plastic station with maroon platform, white walls, green windows, doors and roof and brown chimney, Lionelville stick-ons on signs at ends of roof, light play wear, 1949-55, VG+/E-

Item B, right side of page, Lionel No. 356 Automatic Freight Station, maroon base, white walls, green windows, door and roof, platform divider removed and small cart that runs on baggage track missing, otherwise complete, modest play wear, 1952-1957, VG+

Steam passenger set that includes a cast iron 3195 steam locomotive plus matching weighted tender with brass plates, passenger cars include wide bodied red pair of 3141 coaches and 3142 observation car, locomotive has nice original black paint but previous owner added a large amount of gold decoration, runs well and light works, coupler post repaired expertly, wheels a bit swollen and one drive rod missing, tender also has been decorated with additional gold painted highlights, passenger cars are four wheel with brass journals, brass window trim and doors, stamped numbers and lettering in silver, locomotive and tender very decent but cannot be graded, cars have modest play wear confined mostly to roofs and are VG+/better

Top shelf, Item A- Lindstrom PT boat in lithographed-tin, wind-up motor needs work, pretty nice condition except a couple of small spots on deck, about 7.5 inches long, VG+

Bottom shelf, Item B- Lindstrom racing boat, The Defiance 7 in lithographed tin, red, green and white, original driver, motor winds-up and runs, very nice quality with only a few light scratches on the underside of the hull, about 7.5 inches long, E-/E.

Cast iron carriage and team, some over-paint and missing the driver, very delicate cast wheels, manufacture unknown to me

Top shelf- A- grouping of three Coca-Cola soda crates used with various toys, two yellow crates with green bottles, one has broken bottle insert seen on many of the Coke trucks plus another that has tiny removable bottles, crate about half filled, VG/VG+

Middle shelf- B- grouping of small cast metal toys, two steam engines, two trucks, Dewitt Clinton type locomotive and tiny tender and two passenger cars, total of eight pieces, E-/E

Bottom shelf- C- grouping of very nice cast parts for vintage toy autos, two frames (one is Arcade), one auto body, crank for wrecker and nice slant front grill and bumper, if you need even one of these parts it may be worth the price of this lot, E.

Top shelf-A Tonka ambulance push toy, mostly metal construction in white and orange, played with Some as paper stick-ons are pretty well worn, VG

Top shelf-B Ertl 1939 Dodge Airflow replica, 1993 Edition #10 in Texaco oil truck colors and logos, Manufactured slot in top to use as a bank, pretty desirable item despite being only 10 yrs. Old like new condition

Middle shelf-C Buddy L- Rescue helicopter in plastic and metal construction, E.

Middle shelf-D Buddy L- Goodyear blimp in plastic and metal construction, E.

Middle shelf-E Buddy L- Sea plane in plastic and metal construction, piece of propeller is broken off, E-

Bottom shelf-F Buddy L- Vintage Ford Thunderbird 1957 in plastic and metal construction, E-

Bottom shelf-G Tootsietoy- Volkswagon “beetle“type auto in metal and plastic construction, E.

Bottom shelf-H Tootsietoy- Jeep pick-up truck, in cast metal and plastic construction, piece of bumper Broken and paint chipped a little, has trailer hitch, VG/VG+

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