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Top shelf, Item A, 191 Ives Railway Lines coke car in light/medium brown, black details and white rivets, trucks are not punched for journals, complete and original, modest play wear marks, deck area is clean, original couplers, VG/VG+

Middle shelf, Item B, 193 Ives Railway Lines stock car in medium brown finish, silver lettering and numbers, car is complete and original, trucks are not punched for journal boxes, all data markings intact and no repairs or touch-ups, all paint is tight, modest marks with pretty nice roof, VG/VG+

Bottom shelf, Item C, 196 Ives Railway Lines flat car with low sides in dark olive, silver lettering and numbers, trucks punched for journals, Ives latch couplers, light play wear and clean deck area, lettering and numbers clear, VG+

Item A, top shelf, left side, set of three Lionel Jr. accessories, warning sign, crossing gate and twin semaphore, nice quality neat little signals, E-/E.

Item B, top shelf, right side, Lionel #068 warning signal in light olive with brass sign, Complete with original finial, E.

Item C, bottom shelf, left side, American Flyer Banjo warning signal in red and green with orange banjo signal, VG+/E-

Item D, bottom shelf, right side, Lionel late plastic kit, lumber shed stocked with some Lumber, yard man, good layout material, clean and unbroken, E.

Grouping of layout quality post-war American Flyer train accessories: Item A, top shelf, left side, No. 768 Shell Oil Supply Depot, decent original accessory with only modest play wear, one filler pipe to be replaced, VG+

Item B, top shelf, right side of page, No. 585 Tool Shed accessory, gray base, white walls with red trim, red painted black Bakelite roof, has substantial play wear and some oxide spots on one end wall, G.

Item C, bottom shelf, No. 612 Freight passenger Station with Crane, gray base, white with red trimmed walls, green roof, yellow with green boom crane to side, decent but some roughness on edges of base, VG

From my personal toy tent collection: Top shelf, left side, Item A, larger headquarters type tent, olive drab fabric with red edge binding, U.S. flags on both poles, 9 inches by 5.5 inches at base, nice fabric

Top shelf, right side, Item B, larger round tee-pee style tent in light fabric with red edge binding, 7 inches in diameter, flag is a reproduction, nice fabric

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C, small two-man tent, olive drab fabric, closed rear end of tent, wire tent poles and unusual wood base, tent can be folded-up, nice fabric, 5 inches by 3.5 inches at base

Bottom shelf, middle, Item D, small two-man tent, light fabric with red edge binding, center cardboard piece acts as support and allows tent to be folded, tent pole still has original flag, this tent has some wear and tear with a few small stains and a couple of small holes, but great character, 5 inches by 4 inches at base

Bottom shelf, right side, Item E, small square tee-pee style tent in olive drab fabric with red edge binding, has original flag on pole, 3.5 inches square at base, nice fabric

Top shelf, left side, Item A, Tootsietoy Army truck missing gun or searchlight, original tires and very decent original paint, approx. 6 inches long, VG+/E-
$7.00 Top shelf, center, Item B, Capitol Plastics dummy street lights with mail box in red plastic with white lamp, one has the original paper envelope, one has street sign board missing, group of three, E. except as noted, all three for
$15.00 Top shelf, right side, Item C group of Cilco cast metal European style road signs, finished in white with red and black detailing, 9 signs total approx. 2 inches tall, clean E.
$15.00 Bottom shelf, Item D, nice grouping of S scale cast metal farm animals and citizens, all nicely painted and ready for the layout, total of about 40 pieces, E.

Top shelf, Item A-Cast metal tractor in red with nice set of original rubber wheels, steering wheel is missing and hook-up at rear of casting is gone, nice parts piece, VG


Top shelf, item B-Good old cast iron small wrecker with wrecker arm broken off, numbers cast into underside are 5B and 1962, good for parts, VG

Bottom shelf, Item C-Cast metal police car in blue, decent paint and wheels on front original white rubber, rear wheels and wheel well casting interior missing, could be repaired, VG


Bottom shelf, Item D-Cast metal stock car in green with original metal wheels, looks like Barclay to me, casting is good except latch tang is off, VG
Top shelf-A

Top shelf-B

Middle shelf-C Universal Products (Hong Kong)- Chevy Nirvana Van decorated as ”Paramedic”, mostly metal construction, some play wear to paint mostly on roof, VG+

Middle shelf-D Corgi Toys- Whizzwheels ”John Player Special” 1/36 scale in metal and plastic, very clean and attractive item with no problems, E+/LN

Bottom shelf-E Group of four plastic and motorized race cars for parts or to repair and run, three are Ideal and all four have nice unbroken body shells
all for $15.00

Top shelf-A

Bottom shelf-B Grouping of 6 over-painted metal vehicles for train layout or diorama, four Goodee of USA and two Hot Wheels
entire group of 6 for $12.00

Top shelf- Mixed grouping of eight plastic vehicles, mostly right size for HO train layouts or smaller scale diorama, no damage to any of the items
all for $12.00

Bottom shelf- Mixture of small vehicles plus flat tinplate Hudson sign, Hallmark banana bus, Tootsietoy Wrecker, tin litho. and plastic wind-up that works and one not marked
all five items for $10.00

ITEM A large headquarters tent with twin flags

ITEM B Fabric tents to use with the various soldier figures to create a military diorama, small tents with flag
$10.00 ea.

Authenticast HO scale 24 piece trestle set, cast metal painted black, appears to have never been used, original box and instruction sheet, LN/Mint

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