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Top shelf, Item A, German embossed tin freight warehouse, mostly restored finish, sliding door, platform at front, likely 100 years or older, approx.. 5 by 10 inch foot print, restored except for loading platform

Bottom shelf, Item B, German made wood and composite church in hand painted Finish, probably HO scale, nice E-

Top shelf, Item A, marching band with mounted and foot soldier escort, total of 18 pieces, only one instrument has damage, nice clean group, scaled best to O-scale as best as I can tell, E-/E.

Bottom shelf, left side, Item B, truck mounted gun, driver and operator cast as a unit, guide book calls this one No. 198 anti-aircraft truck (1935-36), E-/E.

Bottom shelf, center, Item C, Dinky Toy mobile anti-aircraft gun, all original including tires, E.

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D pair of cute cast metal rocking chairs, one decorated in black and another in white, both with fine detailing, E.

Item A, left side, appears to be a knock-off of a lithographed tinplate Guntherman trolly or maybe Paya, brand new with clockwork motor that works fine, pick-up pole is loose, LN

Item B, right side, lithographed tinplate San Francisco trolley with fiction motor, this one is really special as it has nine tin-lithographed figures including driver and passengers, no manufacturer mark to identify, LN

Top shelf, left side, Item A, Barclay B225 and B249 cowboys, original paint, light play wear, VG+/E-
$10.00 pair

Top shelf, right side, Item B, Britains fox hunters group that includes four on horseback, left front leg short on two white horses, three standing figures, two red coats and one black coat, one red and one black missing articulating arm and seven hounds, two sitting, one standing and four running, modest play wear, VG+/E-
$40.00 all

Middle shelf, left side, Item C, Britains farm animals, seven sheep, five ducks, two turkeys, one chicken, one donkey and one water fowl, last two may not be Britains, light play wear VG+/E-
$35.00 all

Middle shelf, right side, Item D, Britains smaller farm animals, seven cows/calves, two goats and two dogs, one sheep dog standing and one hound laying down, light play wear, VG+/E-
$20.00 all

Bottom shelf, Item E, grouping of figures and equipment, woman with feed basket, two with fruit basket, one missing arm and seated figure, also roller, wheel barrow missing rear legs and two goods wagons probably not Britains, light play wear, VG+/E-
$20.00 all

Top shelf, Item A, Germany, U.S. Zone gantry crane, probably HO scale, crane cab slides back and forth manually, has hand crank to raise and lower hook, storage not that great, but still has good amount of original paint, 4 inch high opening, VG-

Middle shelf, Item B, Kibri of Germany, railroad signal bridge, probably HO Scale, mostly nice original paint, factory marked on underside, looks like it may have had two semaphores attached to bridge, 4 inch high opening, wide enough for two tracks, VG+

Bottom shelf, Item C, Japan, elaborate Gasoline tank car in white with yellow and red base, guard shed at one end, O-gauge, tab and slot type couplers, very neat car, VG+

Top shelf, Item A, Bing of Germany clockwork locomotive for American market with cow catcher (pilot) in black, 0-4-0 with connecting and push rods, linkage fabricated on one side and is a close representation of original, mostly sheet metal with cast metal pilot and steam chest, black painted finish with two boiler bands, nice rivet detail, piping, twin sand domes and smokestack with bell, bullet nose boiler front and air plow cab front, red window and cab roof trim, embossed BING lettering in white under cab windows both sides, runs forward and reverse and has brake controls at rear of cab, runs reasonably well but no key, 8" long, VG+

Middle shelf, Item B, German made black painted sheet metal locomotive with matching tender, 11 inches long coupled, heat shields, drive rods, buffers, hand railings are in place, hand controls for forward and reverse and brake in rear of cab, runs well but does not come with key, E- overall

Bottom shelf, Item C, supposedly made in Denmark incomplete Cepas electric locomotive, missing cab roof, boiler front, smoke stack, one drive wheel and push rods, does have a working motor, nice project

Top shelf, left side, Item A- Fine looking Japanese manufacture early tin-lithographed sedan in harder to locate red finish, totally original and complete, matches other blue and white cars on list, E/E+

Top shelf, right side, Item B- Fine looking Japanese manufacture early tin-lithographed sedan in harder to find red finish, totally original and complete, matches other blue and white cars on list, E/E+

Middle and bottom shelves, Item C- Nice looking Chinese made cast metal UPS tractor trailer trucks in usual brown and white finish, these are brand new old stock from a hobby store, have 2, New
$20.00 each

Top shelf, Middle shelf and Bottom shelf, Items A-H, nice new quality trucks made in Japan for Marx, however these are marked only Japan, all trucks are plastic with friction motor and have tin lithographed boxes in various designs
Item A- Aw Livestock (have 2)
Item B- Nice Fresh Fruits
Item C- Sun Trucking Co. Ltd.
Item D- ABC Freight Forwarding- Route of the Red Diamond
Item E- DOX Daxie Ohio Express
Item F- Happiness is 28 Flavors- Ice Cream truck
Item G- PIE World Wide Movers
Item H- American Service Nation Wide Van Lines

$10.00 each

Top shelf, Item A- Nice quality open type touring car in cream lithographed tin, all components are there, everything is original and very nice, nicely detailed auto with rear spare and nicely appointed interior, Japan, E

Middle shelf, Item B- Nice quality closed touring car in blue lithographed tin and white roof, side mounted spare, complete and in nice condition except is missing front bumper, same manufacturer as above, Japan, E

Bottom shelf, Item C- Tin-lithographed military transport in olive drab color, complete with original canopy, nicely trimmed, original rubber tires, E-

Top shelf, left side- Item A- “Blue Box“ China, battery operated “Trans Am“ with cleat type rubber tires, E.

Top shelf, right side- Item B- “Fisher-Price“ floor toy vehicle, push powered, looks like Moon vehicle, E.

Middle shelf, left side- Item C- Nylint made in Korea “Wall Bangers“ push toy stock car with battery operated sound system, white with blue and red decorations, E-/E

Middle shelf, right side- Item D- “Grave Digger“ panel truck designed as monster truck, clicker sound when pushed, attractive decoration with graveyard on sides, E.

Bottom shelf, Item E- Plastic sports car in red and hard plastic jeep over painted in dark green over red plastic, all tires present, fold-down windshield missing, both for E.

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