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Small grouping of European and American cat metal farm animals, figures, trees and fence section, four cattle, horse, Britains driver and wheel barrow with figure, three trees and fence section, all in very nice quality condition, E.

Grouping of German made pre-war wind-up steam engines with some flaws, nice shelf material for the train room at the head of some European rolling stock: Item A, top shelf, early locomotive in 1 gauge produced by Carette, incomplete with replaced cab roof, missing side rods and one front buffer, lithograph is pretty nice and colors good, some play wear, does not wind-up properly VG

Item B, middle shelf, early O-gauge locomotive by Bing, popular bullet nose boiler, very nice original paint on locomotive with nice detailing by factory intact, come with correct 1012 four-wheel tender, nice lithography with just small chips on upper edge, one side rod is missing and motor will not wind due to one small worn gear, main spring is good, handsome locomotive and tender in nice condition, VG+/E-

Item C, bottom shelf, early O-gauge locomotive by Bing, tin-lithographed construction with nice green, black and red motif and rich colors, comes with what appears to be a Karl Bub tender, these look pretty good together, this unit runs in forward and reverse and has a working brake, includes original key, missing parts include exterior steam chest cover on one side, ornamental bell casting and side rods, locomotive is VG+ and tender is E.

Very interesting Marklin station, early post-war that includes a clock that does not currently work, all original except had to fabricate roof section for top of clock and center section roof, still a great item for the advanced train layout or the shelf, some play wear but still very nice, VG+

Top shelf, left side, Item A- Japan, tin-lithographed Railway Express with ice cream ad on sides, pretty blue-green main color with lots of other colors/details, working friction motor, 4 inches long, missing rear door otherwise E.

Top shelf, middle, Item B- Small rocking horse toy in high impact plastic, made in USA by Tip Top, looks and sounds suspiciously like a baby rattle to me, probably illegal now due to the small beads under the horse, for collector only

Top shelf, right side, Item C- Western Germany tin-lithographed wind-up trolley/bus used with channel track toy platform, red, white and blue with colorful people in windows, very clean item, 3 inches long, wind-up mechanism runs fine but no key, E.

Bottom shelf, left side, Item D- probably Marx small pressed steel wheel barrow in red, has original paint and wood wheel, light play wear marks, 4.5 inches long, VG+

Bottom shelf, right side, Item E- pressed steel small floor toy train passenger car in original red paint with some play wear marks, has original cast metal wheel sets, 5 inches long, VG

Item A, top shelf- Very large set of French lithographed blocks, 12 - 3.75 inch hollow wood blocks that make 12 different side by side pictures, has picture catalog of various solutions, pretty paper covered wood box with great art work on lid, overall box is 12 x 16 x 4 inches, solid VG+

Item B, bottom shelf- Large British made 35 block set wood block puzzle set, nice paper covered blocks in original box, has pictures of all possible solutions, very nice quality box and contents, overall box is 10.5 x 14.5 x 3 inches, E-/E.

Item A, top shelf- Selchow and Righter Co., New York, Cabby! Board game, nice colorful board with complete game pieces, box lid has repair on one side, nice game overall E-

Item B, bottom shelf, left side- Robert Ross and Company, Ltd., Southampton, England, The Great Air Race, England to Australia, includes fold-out map, game pieces and deck of cards, complete red, white and blue printed game box, VG+/E-

Item C, bottom shelf, right side- Glevum Games, England, Tail-Less Donkey, known as pin the tale on the donkey in the U.S., fold out donkey picture, numbered all over with various score counts, highest of course is on the backside, includes tail, pin little scoring pencil to record scores and instructions, E-

Item A, top shelf- R. Bliss Around the World trunk in paper covered wood, original hinges but no latch on front, lithographed scenes are pretty nice overall with maybe a little fading and some wear on edges, VG/VG+

Item B, bottom shelf- CWS Toyland assorted biscuit tin, embossed data of manufacture on bottom of tin, nice lithographed lid and box sides showing pictures of toys and horse carriage scene on lid, nice and clean with only a few marks, measures 8.5 x 9 x 5 inches, E-

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