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2900 Glendale Depot, green base, battery operated, complete station with original light post, battery holder base with original light cover, crossing gate and actuator piece, includes red bench and hand truck, no trunk or suitcase, E-/better

Sunny Side Service Station by Marx, very popular toy, this example has great lithograph and both the water can and the bulk oil dispenser, the lift works and all wiring is in place, defect is found on area of the base plate that has suffered some damage, reproduction hoses/handles needed to complete and are available from toy parts suppliers, E- except for portion of base

Top shelf, left side, Item A, No. 409 Crossing Blinker, version in black with chrome base and body top, T-shape caution sign with twin lights, replacement bulbs, nice VG+/E-

Top shelf, right side, Item B, No. 424 Radio Train Control Tower, green and white cabin with green roof and No. 7 on front, red crisscross tower structure on red body with black base plate and body top, nice E-/E,

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C, No. 406 Single Bull's Eye Crossing Signal in red with black base and body top, white top with red lettering and original plastic inserts, includes original early track connection pieces, E-/E., (Have 12)
$14.00 each

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D, No. 420 Circuit Breaker in black made without decal, chrome base and body top, black drum faces with white lettering, original plastic inserts, flat fiber reset lever, VG+/E-

Top shelf, Item A, left side, Marx Honeymoon Garage, less common blue side walls with red detailing, four color lithographed roof, doors and door latches and handles all in place, 6 x 7 1/4 inches foot print, some play wear marks, VG+

Top shelf, Item B, right side, popular 4 inch size pressed steel milk truck in white with MILK rubber stamped on both sides, original wood wheels and original grill, small marks but mostly clean and original paint with strong stampings on both sides, VG+/E-

Bottom shelf, Item C, Honeymoon Express wind-up toy with M10000 passenger train circling base with two tunnels and black bridge, runs pretty well for these, overall clean with light play wear marks, VG+/E-

Item A, top shelf, Marx roller toy, attractive gold lithograph with red and black details, motor runs back and forth correctly, light play wear, missing driver only, VG+/E-

Item B, middle shelf, Marx larger crawler tractor in chrome finish, motor runs and brake works, missing rubber tracks and driver, comes with matching dump trailer, VG+

Item C, bottom shelf, left side, Marx standard size tractor in aluminum finish, motor runs well and brake works, missing rubber tracks and driver, VG+

Item D, bottom shelf, right side Marx larger crawler tractor in chrome finish, motor runs and brake works, missing rubber tracks and driver, VG+

Top shelf, left side, Items A and B Marx hand trucks used with Glendale Depot and other toys, all original paint and wheels, some play wear, VG+ A. hard to find original yellow (1)

B. original red (2)

Middle shelf, Item C- grouping of 12 plastic Marx toys for play sets

Bottom shelf, Item D- Korean knock-off of Marx type floor toy train

Left side, Item A- Marx crawler tractor in harder to find Bucyrus green color, has original man and rubber tractor treads, runs fine, light and scattered marks from play wear, VG+

Right side, Item B- Marx early style tin-lithographed milk wagon, portion of wind-up motor has been removed, some play wear, still a very desirable item, VG/VG+

Top shelf, item A- Marx beautiful quality two horse team, tin lithographed finish, hitch and front wagon wheels, I have seen the complete toy previously and it has a plastic farm wagon behind the team, E+

Middle shelf, item B- Marx grass cutter implement in very clean tin-lithographed finish, all metal construction, used with some Marx tractors, small gear missing that makes cutter blades go back and forth, still a very clean and desirable item, E+

Bottom shelf, item C- Marx of Japan earth mover, nice clean tin-lithographed item, missing front tires, bin mechanism complete, nice little toy, E.

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