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Marx 3000 Rider Type floor toy locomotive and tender, red with black cab roof, red color is faded from sun exposure/age, 3000 embossed on tender, Commodore Vanderbilt front with New York Central on oval embossed in badge on boiler front, Complete and original, VG-/VG, 23 inches long, 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall

Marx set No. 28542 in original set box with correct inserts that includes the colorful black, yellow and red Kansas City Southern diesel A-B units, A-unit has large double reduction motor, B-unit is the eight-wheel version with G-trucks and plastic freights as follows: 21913 LV hopper in black with yellow lettering, Erie flat car in maroon with yellow lettering with original side fences and 969 KCS caboose in red plastic with white lettering, has full smoke stack, all freights have G-trucks and plastic tilt couplers, includes transformer and track, E/better

Top shelf, Item A, Military Army Supply Train 500 Canadian Pacific style locomotive with correct CP type 500 Army Supply Train tender, embossed olive drab coal pile, locomotive is complete and correct including all trim and motor, has been played with some but has nice pair of side boards and clean boiler, tender is marked some but is nice and bright, VG/VG+

Bottom shelf, left side, Item B, Military floodlight car in olive drab finish, original glass lens and lens ring, four-wheel, riveted tab and slot couplers, red handle on light housing rear plate, modest play wear marks, VG+

Bottom shelf, right side, Item C, Official Car, military observation car in olive drab, 4-wheel, riveted tab and slot coupler, complete with end rail lens, rear light cover and electric pick-up all in place, modest scattered small play wear marks, VG+

Spectacular quality like new tractor trailer truck in original box, red cab and lower portion of trailer, very colorful lithographed Sunshine Fruit Growers advertising on sides and blue lithographed roof, 14 inches long connected, original tail gate and bright trim on truck, E+/like new

Marx tin-lithographed Four Lane Highway toy set, this one has the complete roadway with original plug-in cord, operates, has three vehicles, box cover shows seven, so not sure how many are missing but most found have no cars remaining, clean lithography, box is a little torn-up, E-/E
Item A, left side- six wheel caterpillar truck, farm variation in attractive and colorful tin-lithographed finish, drive wheels are yellow plastic, motor and brake work, need rubber tracks and driver to complete, portion of one rubber track included, E-

Item B, right side- six wheel caterpillar truck, interesting military variation, tin-lithographed in attractive military colors, need rubber tracks to complete, has original driver, motor needs some work, E-
Top shelf, left, item A- Marx 454 two light block signal in black with chrome ladder at rear, nice complete decal on front of signal base, E.

Top shelf, right, item B- Marx 423 crossing signal with flashing lights in black, white and black lithographed sign and cross-buck, oval base, E.

Middle shelf, left, item C- Marx 317 manual crossing gate, red base, black and white cross-hatched gate with jewel and gate stop rod, E.

Middle shelf, right, item D- Marx 418 crossing signal with bell in black with chrome bell and white and black cross-buck, nice decal on front of base, E.

Bottom shelf, item E- Marx 428 automatic crossing gate in gray plastic construction, complete and unbroken with black cross-hatched gate and red markers, E.
$15.00 ea.

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