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Left side of page, Item A, pressed steel military truck in olive drab, original paint, wooden wheels and grille/bumper unit, canopy can be added as holes manufactured into box sides to accommodate same, scattered light marks, 6 inches long, VG+

Center of page, Item B, nice small Marx tool set that includes a hand saw, hammer, wood plane and four box wrenches, new quality, LN

Right side of page, Marx plastic kit school house, no damage but missing rear door and weather vane, E otherwise

Set No. 25000 in original blue printed set box that includes a nice 999 with Baldwin drive wheel motor, wedge tender, 70311 Pennsylvania box car, 256 NIAX tank car, 347000 Pennsylvania gondola and 92812 Reading caboose, includes track and transformer, good quality, VG+/E-

Set No. 7215 Diesel Electric Freight Set in original box that includes: Western Pacific 70 ton diesel switcher in green with gold trim, matching WP caboose, white Santa Fe box car and red Pennsylvania gondola, all rolling stock lightweight four-wheel with plastic knuckle couplers, includes track, transformer, power clip and instruction sheet, set used little if at all LN

Set No. 9802 Steam Freight Set in shopworn Allstate double high original box, usual yellow with black and red graphics, includes 490 electric locomotive, Southern Pacific standard coal tender, NYC wrecker on short plastic frame, PRR gondola in gray and Southern Pacific caboose in tuscan brown with white lettering, all rolling stock is eight wheel with G-trucks and plastic tilt couplers, includes track and transformer, station platform, telephone poles, crossing gate in box and plastic trees, there was probably a cardboard village with the set when sold, but not included, E.

Item A- top shelf, left side, tin-lithographed Sounding Locomotive made in Japan, many colors and lots of detail, gray base with orange, red, light gray, white and black details, uncommon paper with smoke and name still remains, makes loud clicking sound when pushed on flat surface, very clean item, E+/better

Item B- top shelf, right side, Marx Super Chief tin-lithographed locomotive and tender, push toy friction motor with paper instructions still attached on tender top, silver, white, red and black colors, minimal play wear, E-/E.

Item C-bottom shelf, Marx Lumar Lines tin-lithographed locomotive and tender push toy friction motor, black base color with yellow, blue and white detailing, very clean toy with almost no evidence of use, E/better

Item A, left side, No. 126 Lionelville station, restored nicely, green base plate, dark mustard walls and chimneys, red windows and doors, white door trim and small windows, red roof, has interior light, brass plate on front of station and over side doors, great for the layout

Item B, right side, No. 127 Lioneltown station, restored nicely in white walls, red roof, white chimneys, mohave base, yellow windows and doors and pea green window trim, door trim and end ventilators, has interior light as made, brass plate over both doors, great for the layout

Top shelf, item A- Marx delivery truck single piece body shell with original paint and decals, played with hard but will make a good project, VG-

Middle shelf, item B- Marx aluminum tractor with three wheels, key, but missing most of motor, good for parts or project to complete/customize, VG

Bottom shelf, item C- Marx early small tractor, needs driver and rubber tracks to complete, one wheel is copper instead of red, motor works fine, lithography is very nice and clean in red and black, E-/E

Top shelf, Item A- Marx Honeymoon Express wind-up train toy, multi-colored lithographed tin, small red streamliner circles track going through tunnel and bridge, works, VG+

Bottom shelf, Item B- Seven sections of yellow and green lithographed Marx channel type race track for wind-up racers, VG

Left side, Item A- Glendale Depot train station toy, harder to find light blue base, also includes red hand truck, lithographed trunk, trip for crossing gate and bench and cast metal figure, not Marx but looks good with station, E-

Right side, Item B- Glendale Depot train station toy, common green base, no accessories except crossing gate trip, missing lamp post, will add Lionel or similar post if requested, base is overall clean, lithograph good, VG+

Left side of frame- Glendale Depot on re-painted green base with complete station base items except lamp post is Lionel product, all lithograph is nice and clean, very clean base with only small scattered marks, no station items (bench, hand truck ,trunk, etc.) with this one, set-up for electric operation, E-/better


Right side of frame- Glendale Depot on original green base with complete station base items, all lithograph is nice and clean, very clean base with only small scattered marks, no station items (bench, hand truck ,trunk, etc.) with this one, set-up for electric operation, E-/better

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