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Set No. 8625 Seaboard diesel freight set in original wood grain box that includes Seaboard 4000 diesel in attractive green, yellow and red with black details, small motor as made plus 241708 B&O yellow gondola with red interior, Pennsylvania Merchandise Service box car 37964 and matching Seaboard green and yellow with black details caboose, car couplers are plastic knuckle with metal wheels, includes track and transformer, also has a small portion of the original cardboard village, E+/LN

Set No. 9722 with some modifications, includes 1666 all black locomotive with smoke unit, New York Central tender converted to scale truck frame, 3280 Santa Fe box car in yellow converted to G-type trucks, Pennsylvania gondola in red with white lettering with G-type trucks and 18326 New York Central caboose in white with black lettering converted to G-type trucks, was originally an unusual set with the 1666 smoking locomotive and a lightweight consist, apparently owner did not like look, converted three pieces and added a red Pennsylvania gondola in place of the original blue one that came in the set, includes transformer and track, set looks brand new and not used, colorful original set box, E+/LN with modifications

Marx Magic Garage with desirable Airflow auto in blue, comes with garage and ramp, moderate play wear, VG+, priced not much higher than value of auto alone

Top shelf, Item A, pair of Allstate A-A E-7 diesel units in orange and black livery with yellow striping, yes, usually comes A-B-A in sets but these are super nice with all original steps and horns on dummy and powered units, virtually mark-free with very little running time per pick-up inspection, looks like they just came out of set box, E+/better

Bottom shelf, Item B, 2002 New Haven A-B E-7 diesel units in orange, black and white livery, two steps at rear of A-unit replaced and one step on dummy B-unit replaced, both horns on A-unit in place, a little light play wear and no cracks, chips or other problems, VG+/E-

Spectacular quality like new tractor trailer truck in original box, red cab and lower portion of trailer, very colorful lithographed Sunshine Fruit Growers advertising on sides and blue lithographed roof, 14 inches long connected, original tail gate and bright trim on truck, E+/like new

Set No. 8090 early pre-war M10005 streamliner passenger set in cream and green in blue printed set box with display type insert, power unit has correct early spoke drive wheel motor with manual reverse, lighted, plus Railway Express U.S. Mail, Los Angeles coach and Squaw Bonnet observation, rear jewel markers, includes track and transformer, very limited use overall E-/E.

Top shelf, left side, Item A, 562 flat car with truck, flat car is black, four-wheel with riveted tab and slot couplers, load is dump truck with blue body and yellow dump bin, truck has rounded windows, original wheels and front grill, truck is overall clean with a couple of small spots, bin has a few marks and a couple of small oxide spots one side, VG/VG+

Top shelf, right side, Item B, 562 flat car with truck, flat car is black, four-wheel with riveted tab and slot couplers, load is dump truck with silver body and red dump bin, truck has squared windows, original wheels and front grill, truck is clean with light marks, bin a little rusty in spots, VG/VG+

Bottom shelf, left side, Item C, Hard to find 6" 8-wheel freight car with automatic one way couplers, complete and original flat car for truck with cast post, deck has a bit of roughness on one side, with red body blue bin dump truck with 2 rear wheels replaced, VG

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D, Dump truck with yellow bin and red body, a tiny rust spot around left front tab in bin, otherwise very shiny and clean, no flat car with this one, VG+

Marx tin-lithographed Four Lane Highway toy set, this one has the complete roadway with original plug-in cord, operates, has three vehicles, box cover shows seven, so not sure how many are missing but most found have no cars remaining, clean lithography, box is a little torn-up, E-/E
Item A, left side- six wheel caterpillar truck, farm variation in attractive and colorful tin-lithographed finish, drive wheels are yellow plastic, motor and brake work, need rubber tracks and driver to complete, portion of one rubber track included, E-

Item B, right side- six wheel caterpillar truck, interesting military variation, tin-lithographed in attractive military colors, need rubber tracks to complete, has original driver, motor needs some work, E-
Top shelf, left, item A- Marx 454 two light block signal in black with chrome ladder at rear, nice complete decal on front of signal base, E.

Top shelf, right, item B- Marx 423 crossing signal with flashing lights in black, white and black lithographed sign and cross-buck, oval base, E.

Middle shelf, left, item C- Marx 317 manual crossing gate, red base, black and white cross-hatched gate with jewel and gate stop rod, E.

Middle shelf, right, item D- Marx 418 crossing signal with bell in black with chrome bell and white and black cross-buck, nice decal on front of base, E.

Bottom shelf, item E- Marx 428 automatic crossing gate in gray plastic construction, complete and unbroken with black cross-hatched gate and red markers, E.
$15.00 ea.

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