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Here is a super offering for the Marx collector and/or the Mickey Mouse collector- Super clean five piece Mickey Mouse Meteor tin-lithographed wind-up toy train that includes the locomotive, tender, gondola, caboose and box car only found in five piece set, every piece of this set is E+/better, real collector quality material, would fit nicely into a set box, all rolling stock is 7 inch and locomotive is same stamping as 994, prices have come down on these some so

Uncatalogued set no. 4822, a 7 inch set with 400 0-4-0 loco with double reduction motor and light, 4 wheel plastic NYC tender with no breaks, plus the following 4-wheel 7 inch cars: PRR Merchandise Service box car, 80982 yellow Wabash gondola, 20112 NYC Pacemaker caboose, plastic knuckle couplers, wheels still shiny, box has most inserts and is in VG condition, #1239 50 watt transformer, E- is not listed in Greenberg Marx set book

Marx steam freight set 25249 in original set box that includes a 999 2-4-2 steam locomotive with wedge tender plus New York Central box car, Nickel plate gondola, NIAX chemical tank car and New York Central caboose, set includes transformer and track, overall condition of set is E-/E.

Top shelf, Item A, Military Army Supply Train 500 Canadian Pacific style locomotive with correct CP type 500 Army Supply Train tender, embossed olive drab coal pile, locomotive is complete and correct including all trim and motor, boiler front, pilot and boiler are very decent, side boards are brighter green than usually seen with most graphics complete and one spot over "RA" in train on one, tender looks overall nice with a few surface spots on one side, pair is overall VG

Bottom shelf, left side, Item B, Military floodlight car in olive drab finish, original glass lens and lens ring, four-wheel, riveted tab and slot couplers, red handle on light housing rear plate, moderate marks on flat car and some roughness on upper flat and deck, VG

Bottom shelf, center, Item C, Desirable military tank on flat car, four wheel, riveted tab and slot couplers, tank is long version with camouflage center section, red guns and silvered turret, tank is complete and runs, has hook on rear, tank is very clean E. and flat car is original VG+

Bottom shelf, right side, Item D, Official Car, military observation car in olive drab, 4-wheel, riveted tab and slot coupler, complete with end rail lens, rear light cover and electric pick-up all in place, modest scattered small play wear marks, VG+

Unlisted in Greenberg set book, set No. 8955 in woodgrain pattern white and brown printed set box, very unusual set that includes: No. 54 tin-lithographed Kansas City Southern A-A diesels, one powered and one dummy, lightweight freight consist that includes: 2532 CSOX tank car in green, 467110 Baltimore and Ohio box car in red, scarce 967 NYC side dumping car in light blue and 969 Kansas City Southern caboose in red, set also includes some telephone poles and plastic road signs, track and transformer has been removed, all contents are E/better, set box lid has corners taped

Group of Soldiers of Fortune flat lithographed metal stand-up figures:
A. American Infantry Doughboy chocolate brown reverse, VG

B. Horse mounted Soldier of the U.S. Army dark maroon reverse, VG

C. Infantry Private, red reverse, G.

D. Qualified Rifle Expert, prone position, brown reverse, VG

E. Flat lithographed soldiers- have not found many of these lately but these are very scarce - prone Infantry Private with Automatic Rifle, 15 point value- these have GREEN uniforms- some wear on these but so hard to find, about VG (have 2)

F. Infantry private, walking, bend that has been straightened, VG

G. Infantry private, at attention, VG (have 2)
$5.00 ea.

H. Infantry private, at attention, with some rust on back, VG

I. Infantry private, kneeling and firing, bend that has been straightened, VG

J. Infantry first lieutenant, running, with some rust on back, VG

K. Infantry Colonel, VG

L. General, VG

Set No. 4115 in original set box that includes a 400 plastic steam engine with double reduction motor, reverse unit and headlight, New York Central lightweight tender, two 2071 silver and white with blue letter and numbers coaches and matching 2072 observation car, set includes correct amount of track and transformer, contents are very clean with just a couple of marks, all cars have plastic couplers and metal wheels, box is shopworn with a couple of blown corners but set number is complete and clear, set averages E.

Top shelf, Item A - Doll House accessory set in original box, swimming pool, 20 figures, playground equipment, fence, gate, plastic construction and appears new

Bottom shelf, Item B - Ertl built-up farmhouse, click-fit snap together, best scaled for G-gauge train layouts, like new, comes with original instruction sheet

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